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We are an innovative technology oriented Consulting Company specializing in Cloud and Forensic Services.

  • James Webb - Ryders - "Great addition to our IT department. MSIS provides the experience and expertise needed to round out our skill sets in much needed areas."
  • Parm Bhanwer - SNS Data - "We have been working with MSIS Services for over 10 years - they have supported our entire network with extraordinary service and support. I would highly recommend their IT Services."
  • Caleb Crowder - Nexterra Systems - "MSIS’s IT experience has allowed us to stay flexible while keeping a stable and secure network. In our business our network just has to work, and thankfully under MSIS, I feel there is a solution to any problem."

Our mission is to provide and equip our audiences with timely Solutions to their high tech issues. As a modern hi-tech firm we specialize in a broad spectrum of technical services in the business sector, offering a range of options to proactively meet today’s challenging environments where breaches in Security and threats from Trojan and Viruses are a daily occurrence.

We realize that every business is unique in its needs and services and we will provide alternatives on how best to use the current information technology available to meet your own business objectives.

Let our local team of experienced experts implement from start to finish your technology related projects.

Technologies We Support

Microsoft Exchange

An industry leader of Email and Collaboration which supports business critical applications such as email, contacts and calendar functions. On-site premises of an Exchange Server will provide the customer full control and management of its communications.  Works with virtually any mobile device and as part of the Office Suite, MS Outlook provides a rich experience for end user accessing their emails. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Vmware Virtualization

Instead of running physical serves for each application and operating system, server virtualization can simulate the hardware enabling it to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single physical server. This will reduce costs and streamline the administration process. Vmware with an array of applications such as vSphere and vCenter can also virtualize existing hardware and provides desktop and cloud services.Please contact us for a free consultation.

Microsoft HyperV

Running under the Windows Server architecture Microsoft’s virtualization technology is a competitive product when compared to Vmware, but it is still lacking in some of the advanced features. However with Microsoft’s recent version the benefits make it suitable for small to medium sized companies and also tends to be less expensive. Some of these new features include Live Migrations and clustering. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Enterprise Storage Backups

Every company needs a backup plan. The solution will depend on various factors, such as your current infrastructure, size and budget. To protect and ensure Data can be Restored when needed, there are many options for companies to choose from. Hybrid architectures in the form of a NAS, SAN, Disks, Tape and Cloud combined with technologies like deduplication  will aid in keeping your company data safe and accessible at all times. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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