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  • James Webb - Ryders - "Great addition to our IT department. MSIS provides the experience and expertise needed to round out our skill sets in much needed areas."
  • Parm Bhanwer - SNS Data - "We have been working with MSIS Services for over 10 years - they have supported our entire network with extraordinary service and support. I would highly recommend their IT Services."
  • Caleb Crowder - Nexterra Systems - "MSIS’s IT experience has allowed us to stay flexible while keeping a stable and secure network. In our business our network just has to work, and thankfully under MSIS, I feel there is a solution to any problem."

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Kelowna Cybercrime & Forensic IT

  • Cybercrime Investigations
  • Forensic Digital Analysis
  • Managed IT-Security Management
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • IT-Security Auditing
  • Electronic-Security Consultant
  • Anton Piller Execution

Kelowna Anti-Spam Solutions

  • Spam Reduction
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Security for Computer Worms & Trojans
  • Email-Spam Solutions

Kelowna IT Disaster Recovery

  • Offsite Data Backup Storage
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Server & Software Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security
  • IT Security for Power Failures, Attacks & Natural Disasters

The Okanagan is one of the fastest growing regions in B.C. and Canada. With a groundswell of self-employed residents, business establishments and economic confidence, entrepreneurs are flooding Kelowna and its digital industries. Companies and business owners increasingly require IT systems and digital-security solutions for workplaces; Kelowna technology-forensic expertise, secure network-cloud hosting and server-virtualization solutions become more important than ever.

Kelowna’s tech startups by sheer volume have bloomed by over 13% from 2014-2016, and the city itself is the capital of the Central Okanagan regional district. Small businesses and government agencies alike in Kelowna require professional data-recovery services, online-spam solutions and internet-security consultations to keep their computer networks and digital data safe for the success of their company or department.

Cybercrime prevention and security is also a necessity in Kelowna. The Okanagan municipality, recently named as Canada’s most entrepreneurial city and featuring a subsequent incursion of new computer businesses, faces growing risks of technology breaches, virtual crimes, insurance liabilities and internal data theft. A qualified and professional forensic data-recovery specialist is essential for the security of your business assets.

The digital-forensic investigators in Kelowna at MSIS IT Services provide comprehensive and discrete digital-investigation analyses, IT-litigation support and exhaustive computer-crime examinations for your small- & medium-sized business. MSIS IT Services in Kelowna specializes in electronic-evidence gathering, anti-malware solutions, cloud hosting, disaster-preparation consultations for IT networks and more so that your Kelowna company can succeed, make informed decisions in light of challenging circumstances and protect its digital resources.