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By working for a Licensed Private Investigative Company we can offer a full range of forensics services to our clients. These range in the form of Cybercrime and Digital Data Recovery to Corporate Investigations. Let us ensure proper procedures are followed should your case go to litigation.

Specializing in cybercrime investigations, we work within a Licensed Private Investigation Company as required by Law in British Columbia. Our team consists of local Forensic experts which co-ordinate activities closely with Police and legal teams to ensure proper procedures are followed. Are you or your company involved with any forms of litigation, do you know what to do to preserve any evidence found?
Digital data needs to be handled by professionals as obtaining data in an inappropriate manner will render any evidence found inacceptable in a court of law.

We follow proper procedures and guidelines that will capture digital evidence, preserving and protecting it till this data can be transferred to your legal team or local police. Volatile data (RAM) is lost when the computer is powered off. When gathering evidence it is critical to call licensed professionals first as a simple act of unplugging or powering off a suspect computer system will destroy vital evidence which is stored in volatile storage. Doing a memory dump is necessary at this stage and we will ensure that any evidence captured will be protected and secured so the integrity of digital evidence is maintained at all stages. We document and provide a Chain of Custody and Audit Trail with all cases involving Digital Data. This ensures the authenticity of evidence has not been tampered with.

In addition our company provides such services as:

  • Electronic Evidence Gathering
  • Anton Piller Execution
  • Digital Evidence Analysis
  • Computer Memory Dump of RAM

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Some Tips

  • Deal with Licensed professionals as required by BC Law
  • Digital Evidence should not be touched by anyone other than forensics professionals
  • Any compromised electronic device should be enclosed in Faraday cases
  • Do not power off or unplug any computer system

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