Virus & Malware

Malicious software which operates mainly in stealth mode is designed to steal information as well as control and spy on computer users.

Although attacks occur from all areas of the world, due to lack of government regulations which are often not enforced, Russia, China, Nigeria and Eastern Europe lead the way in top cybercrime originating countries.

Cyber Threats, a broad term encompassing a range of malicious software that a Cyber-criminal will use to attack and penetrate a network to gain access to corporate information.  Some types of this software often called Malware include:


A small piece of software program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another by attaching itself to another file.

Objective – Gain access to, steal, modify and or corrupt information and files.


By opening attachments, clicking links or downloading infected software, spyware/adware is installed on your computer.

Objective – Steal personal information without your knowledge.


It is self-replicating and does not require a program to attach themselves to. Worms continually look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the Operating System.

Objective – To take remote control of the infected systems. It also exploits Operating System vulnerabilities and damages networks. In most cases these type of Worms transmit the vulnerabilities back to the Author.


Cannot self-replicate but is often disguised as legitimate software which the user downloads and then are typically tricked by some form of social engineering into loading and executing the software.

ObjectiveCreates a ‘backdoor’ on your computer by which sensitive data including credit card information can be stolen and damaged.

A layered approach incorporating both Hardware and Software products that will help protect your corporate network from Malware intrusions.

  • The first line of defence will always be your hardware firewall. This unit should have an Intrusion prevention system (IPS), Application Control and Stateful Inspection. A bonus if your firewall can perform URL Filtering with Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus scanning.
  • The second layer of protection will be the software products installed on the File Servers and Workstations. These will consist of Anti-malware, Anti-virus products and a Software Firewall.

If you are not sure which Firewall or Software products are best for your environment – Give us a call.

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