Penetration Testing

Are you protected from external cyber-attacks? Keep your valuable data safe with regular firewall and website penetration testing. Find the vulnerable “holes” before attackers do!

Firewall Penetration Testing

What is it?

A Penetration Test also sometimes called a “Pen Test” will probe your firewall or website for common open ports and other vulnerabilities that hackers typically use to access your internal system.

Why you need it?

The results of the test will help identify any security holes enabling the patch to be applied to fix the issues. Compliance requirements for passing certain security auditing procedures, including PCI, DSS and SOC2 require that the external gateway, your Firewall has passed such a test.

When should you do it?

On a scheduled regular basis, we recommend every 3-6months. Give us a call to schedule your scan or for more information and our special pricing event.

Special Pricing

Light: 50% Off

Advanced: Please call or email info [at]

Scanner Features Light Advanced
Open ports detection (100 for Light)
Version based vulnerability detection
Active vulnerability detection (57000+ plugins)
Find service misconfigurations
Detect missing security patches
Fingerprinting the server software and technology
Checking for vulnerabilities of server-side software
Analyzing the security of HTTP cookies
Checking for secure communication
Checking robots.txt file
Checking client access policies
Checking for directory listing
Checking for password auto-complete
Checking for clear-text submission of passwords
SQL Injection
Cross Site Scripting
Local/Remote file inclusion
Remote command execution
Discovery of sensitive files
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